Linda Tumbarello

New Offerings for Difficult Times

I bring a sense of calm and possibilities into both my individual and group work. I recognize and emphasize individual strengths and abilities while acknowledging the pressures and fears that people face, especially in these hard times. I’ve enjoyed working and living in Northampton and would like to utilize my skills to help the downtown business community to cope with the difficulties they are facing.

I’m now offering no cost 30-minute sessions for Northampton business owners.

In a 30-minute phone call you’ll have an opportunity to check in on what is going on for you, and your business. Together we can problem solve solutions, identify strengths and coping strategies, and learn quick, effective stress management tools that can be used anytime, anywhere.

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“It was very helpful to have a kind person to talk to that validated my current feelings and helped me remember that I’m not alone. She offered a listening ear but also useful strategies for stress reduction and slowing down a bit.” -Feedback about 30 minute session

Group support for Northampton business owners

Offering no cost support and coping strategies for the uncharted territory of working under new regulations. Together we can navigate how to manage stress and communicate effectively as we move into phases of reopening, and interact more with coworkers and the public.

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About Me

Photo by Jacki Jacobs

For over 30 years, I have specialized in body-mind healing, and working with trauma.

As both a therapist and an educator, I’ve developed many easy to use re-balancing tools to help deal with anxiety, and to regain a sense of comfort and safety that is especially needed during these difficult times.

I have been doing individual phone and Skype sessions for many years working with clients and students from many locations.

I’ve recently started offering on-line workshops on Self-Care. I designed and led a 4 week on-line workshop on “Cultivating an Inner Sanctuary” in collaboration with the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen, MA.