From Clients

“With Linda, I gained a sense of strength and hope to continue to heal from my own trauma through body and movement.  I also learned how to truly care for myself.” – N., Psychotherapist and Trauma Specialist

Linda is a miracle worker! I’ve hobbled into a session with her and left walking pain-free and with ease. Her blend of bodywork with psychotherapy has helped me get to the root cause of many physical issues and release the trauma surrounding them.  In addition, her classes are fun and I never have to worry about injuring myself by overdoing an exercise. We also now reinforce our 1:1 sessions and weekly classes by “meeting” via Skype to practice the healing movements that accelerates my improved health and vitality.” – SB, Marketing and Management Consultant 

“Linda’s approach is gentle. I feel supported and safe to explore my feelings.  Her gifted touch helps my body to mend quickly.”  – DE,  Mother

I broke my left arm in three places and had surgery where almost 12 inches of metal plates and many screws were used to stabilize the breaks.  A few days after surgery, I realized I had disconnected emotionally from my arm, seeing it as only a source of pain and limitation. On day four, I spoke with Linda and she urged me to have a session. She came to my home and gently touched my injured arm, connecting it to my shoulder, my back and later to my other arm. She used aromatic salves, essential oils and healing imagery. When she left I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. When I woke up, I felt vital energy flowing through my left arm. I had reconnected to my arm with her help and I knew the real healing was beginning.” – Gaella Elwell, Co-owner So River Miso Co.

“During our sessions I experience a sense of well being and peacefulness. Linda gives my body permission to flow…to go into a natural place rather than putting or forcing my body in the place that it should be. Linda is so highly skilled, I trust that whatever I do it will be right.” – DL,  Performing Artist

“Linda is self assured, and confident.  This inspires confidence in our work and makes me comfortable.”  – RK, Librarian, Writer

“Linda creates an organic safe holding container for me to just be me. Her integration creates a seamless transmission of all the levels that she works with me.” – AD, Teacher

“I gained a deeper sense of connection between body, emotions and thought.  I am more able to feel and articulate my desires and inner experiences.”  – DD, Professor

“Linda’s touch and presence radiates expertise, heart and deep listening and understanding.” – BL Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher

“Linda reminds me that small, manageable and gentle changes can create wellness”  – MB, Lab Technician

From Students in Classes

“I feel calmer, more centered, and at the same time more energized.  My body feels happier, or maybe I’m happier right now being in my body.  Thank you!”  –  J. Vecchio, student

“Linda makes movement fun even for those of us who don’t like to exercise. She uses great music” –  SK, student

“Linda has a wonderfully calm, clear style of teaching”  – GP, student

“I liked the variety of activities, and the way everything seemed to apply to my needs.” – MA, student

“Linda’s strengths lie in her kindness and sensitive awareness of the group’s rhythms as well as individuals in the group.”  – NK, student

“I gained ease, rest and support.”  – GS, student

“Comfortable, well paced , individual attention, warm!”  – TD, student

“Linda is gentle and warm and personally supportive and caring; also intuitive and accessible.” – CR, student

“I really enjoyed Linda’s calm energy, knowledge, and ability to facilitate our group.”  – IC, student

“Her classes are fun and I never have to worry about injuring myself by overdoing an exercise”  – SB, student

On 5 Minute Helpers  – See Blog

“I could feel everything going away and being released so that I’m not carrying so much stress around.”  

“It’s helpful to write down my anxieties and put them in the box. I sleep better!”

“Pushing the pause button is like a time out.”

“Holding my head made my thoughts stable”

“I liked ‘using my own healing hands’ to calm myself”

“One gem I am leaving with is calming myself by placing my hands on my head and my heart.”