Support for Medical Treatments and Surgery

For many years I have offered support for all parts of the healing process, both before and after surgery or other medical treatments mostly for current clients. Now I want to offer this much needed service to more people. I provide physical and emotional support in preparation for medical procedures, as well as gentle touch, imagery, and movement to optimize healing and range of motion through the recovery process. When possible I will provide support and sessions in the hospital, or at your home.  Below is a testimonial from a client who I worked with soon after her surgery.

I broke my left arm in three places and had surgery where almost 12 inches of metal plates and many screws were used to stabilize the breaks.  A few days after surgery, I realized I had disconnected emotionally from my arm, seeing it as only a source of pain and limitation. On day four, I spoke with Linda and she urged me to have a session. She came to my home and gently touched my injured arm, connecting it to my shoulder, my back and later to my other arm. She used aromatic salves and healing imagery. When she left I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. When I woke up, I felt vital energy flowing through my left arm. I had reconnected to my arm with her help and I knew the real healing was beginning. – Gaella Elwell, Co-owner So River Miso Co.

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