In Person Sessions

Blending healing touch, therapeutic movement, body-centered psychotherapy, and self-care techniques,  I help you to improve your physical and emotional health and well-being.

In addition to working in person, I have developed skillful ways to do body centered and movement work by phone and using skype. For clients who have to travel a distance from my office, I offer a combination of in person, phone or virtual sessions. When necessary, due to illness or injury, I will make home visits. In addition, I offer Saturday appointments.

“Linda is a miracle worker! I’ve hobbled into a session with her and walked out walking pain-free and with ease. Her blend of bodywork with psychotherapy has helped me get to the root cause of many physical issues and release the trauma surrounding them.  In addition, her classes are fun and I never have to worry about injuring myself by overdoing an exercise. We also now reinforce our 1:1 sessions and weekly classes by “meeting” via Skype to practice the healing movements that accelerates my improved health and vitality.”  – S.B., Marketing and Management Consultant

My therapeutic work supports each person to feel whole, regardless of physical injuries or illness, emotional distress, or difficult/traumatic life experiences. You and I work together in a nurturing, heart-centered environment to find and release the root cause of a problem, which may be different from symptoms or difficulties that are experienced.  Continued focus on just one area of the body often does not facilitate healing. For example, a client comes to me with knee or chronic back pain. During the course of our work, we discover that the cause of the pain was from a restriction in the ankle or hip joint. We can then work together to bring the whole body into greater comfort and balance.

At times the origin of a restriction may be due to a natural “freeze response” to a physical or emotional trauma such as a car accident or injury.  Releasing this holding greatly facilitates healing.

Painting by Lenore GrubingerI tailor my work to respond to your specific requests and needs. I invite you to see and feel your strengths and abilities. I encourage you to become more loving and comfortable in yourself, in your own goodness and blossoming.

I am available for all parts of the healing process, both before and after surgery or other medical treatments. I provide physical and emotional support in preparation for medical procedures, as well as gentle touch, imagery, and movement, as needed, to optimize healing and support you through the recovery process.

“When I broke my left arm in 3 places, I had surgery where almost 12 inches of metal plates and many screws were used to stabilize the breaks. A few days after surgery, I realized I had disconnected emotionally from my arm, seeing it as only a source of pain and limitation. On day four, I spoke with Linda and she urged me to see her. She came to my home and gently touched my injured arm, connecting it to my shoulder, my back and later to my other arm. She used aromatic salves and healing imagery. When she left I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. When I woke up, I felt vital energy flowing through my left arm. I had reconnected to it with her help and I knew the real healing was beginning.” – Gaella Elwell, Co-owner So River Miso Company

Hands On

“Linda’s approach is gentle. I feel supported and safe. Her gifted touch helps my body to mend quickly. Our work is a deep and rich process. She’s an amazing healer.” – D.E., mother

My hands-on work expresses a deep respect for your body’s special wisdom. I listen to, invite and encourage the area with which we are working to release, heal and re-experience wholeness. I gently move your joints to give you the experience of moving freely and effortlessly.

I draw from a deep knowledge of how the body works for both my hands on and movement work:

  • How bones and muscles optimally move and interrelate
  • How freeing the organs can release structural issues like back pain
  • How to bring balance to the nervous  system
  • How to free the breath
  • How to encourage better digestion and so much more.

At times I share illustrations and models to help you understand your body and use this information to visualize your own healing.

“During our sessions I experience a sense of well being and peacefulness. Linda gives my body permission to flow, rather than putting or forcing my body into the place that it “should” be. Linda is so highly skilled, I trust that whatever I do it will be right.”  – D.L., Performing Artist


You learn how to release movement and breathing restrictions that are impacting your symptoms, difficulties, or recovery process. Learning to move in new ways empowers you to create balance, ease and grace in your body and in your life.

Regaining full range of movement does not have to be painful. To enhance your progress, I develop simple, effective and pain-free movements and exercises to fit gracefully into your lifestyle.