My Book – The Heart of Self-Care

The Heart of Self-Care

U.S. $20. FREE shipping offered now in the continental US. I would love it if you purchased the book directly from me. Call Linda at 413 586-5971 for more options to buy including paying by credit cards on the phone, or paying by check.
The book is also available for Kindle and Nook.

What if, instead of feeling the need to improve or fix yourself, you chose to accept, value and love yourself exactly as you are?

As women, we often struggle to care for ourselves. Can you imagine having the skills to prioritize your own well-being?

The Heart of Self-Care encourages you and other women to do just that. It guides you to:

  • Cultivate sustainable self-care—step by small step
  • Manage stress with expertly designed 5-minute helpers
  • Shed discouraging self-talk and unhelpful ways of thinking
  • Feel your body as a source of wisdom, comfort and pleasure
  • Discover what you really want and need
  • Engage in and enjoy physical activity and movement
  • Cultivate a friendlier relationship with food
  • Grow older with vitality, sensuality and ease

The author’s approach to self-care is body-centered, mindful, and genuinely empowering. Created with love, The Heart of Self-Care can support you in living a balanced, joyful, and resilient life. So, engage, enjoy and experience the benefits!

“I read your book, a little snippet each night. There is a treasure trove of techniques from cultivating joy to relationship with food and healthy aging. Reading this book feels like having an easy conversation with an encouraging friend.”