Here’s some reasons why movement and exercise are so important:  

Movement is a key factor in maintaining vitality, flexibility, mobility, strength, mental functioning and a good quality of life.  This is true throughout our lives and especially as we age. In addition, movement helps your body function well. It aids the circulation of blood, removal of toxins, promotes healing and deeper breathing, and so much more. Your body is built to move with many bones, joints and muscles ready to spring into action.

Movement and exercise that feels good, and respects your body is the best approach.  I don’t subscribe to the “No pain – no gain” belief. It can lead to injuries.  The “push yourself to do more boring exercises” method doesn’t work either. Instead transform your experience of exercise from boring to fun! Take one of my classes with specially designed enjoyable movements that consider the importance of preventing injuries, and special care as we age. If that’s not possible, ask yourself is there some way of moving that you like. Do you like to walk or dancing to music in your living room?  I’ll be writing more about how to inspire yourself to move soon, so check out my blog soon.